July 20-22 | Hotel Drover | Ft. Worth, TX

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Announcing Auto Dealer Exchange™!

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July 20-22 2022 | Hotel Drover | Ft. Worth, TX

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Auto Dealer Exchange 2022

ADX is a relationship-building event packed with innovative individuals, topical discussions and intimate networking opportunities. It provides industry suppliers with an unmatched opportunity to meet a select group of key decision-makers from auto dealerships around the country to cultivate relationships in an exclusive setting.

What Others Are Saying About Us

This, as you know, is a must-attend event – as high performers are aware – and the key is in the ignition

-President and CEO, United Development Systems/BBDS

“Very well planned event where you have interaction with peers as well as suppliers to discuss common issues and common solutions. No wasted time - excellent interaction.”

-Vice President of Maintenance, Stone Transport

“One of the better organized conferences I have been to, agenda was well done, the host facility was great, food was good, excellent job by the host committee with everything from start to finish."

-Manager, Midland Transport

"Great networking opportunity and I would highly recommend it to others."

-President, Meiborg Bros Inc., Rockford IL

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